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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Orange and Blue Scrimmage Today

Here are some unofficial scoring statistics courtesy of some fans who were at the game:

Randle 19
Alexander 17
Pruitt 14
Holdren 13
Meacham 12
Cole 11
Davis 8
Tisdale 8
McCamey 6
Jordan 6
Semrau 4
Brock 4
Carlwell 3
Hicks 2

Apparently Brian Randle is playing like Illini fans have never seen him, since he is healthy and able to shoot from the outside now. Alexander is reported to have excellent range on his shot, and is a scorer. Holdren continues to show he might be a big scorer for the Illini, as he did earlier on the Canada tour. Meacham and Holdren could be the leading scorers for the Illini in certain games this year as walk-ons, particularly if opponents play a zone.

Meanwhile, Cole and Davis are pushing the coaching staff to avoid being red-shirted for the season. Given situations like last year, with continual injuries to the Illini, I'm not sure sitting guys out makes much sense. However, Weber will struggle to find a way to develop a 12 or 13 man rotation this year.

Chester Frazier sat out of this game with a thumb injury, but should be OK for the regular season.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Orange and Blue Scrimmage, Sunday at 5 pm

The first real scrimmage (I don't count the Illini Madness) is tomorrow at 5pm, and this sounds like a good one to watch. I was looking at the depth chart this week trying to figure out which guys will get playing time, and it really is crowded unless they redshirt a couple more guys or have injuries. It will be much different from last year for Coach Weber, since he should have plenty of combinations he can put on the floor.

Unlike some teams that are rebuilding, the Illini can put all a team of all seniors and juniors on the floor, so the new freshmen will have to earn a spot in the rotation.

Here's an article about the scrimmage from the Daily Illini.